Sunday, October 13, 2013

5 Tips to Creating a Wedding Budget

1) Average Costs - The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,000.00.  However, every couples budget is different; your wedding budget may be higher or lower.  A lot of factors come into play. You have to think about your "guest list", the amount of guest plays a major role in the overall cost of the wedding. On average a couple will spend $100.00 "per guest".  Also, "catering", that will be 50% of your total budget. Example: if your budget is $10,000.00; plan to spend $5,000.00 for Food/Beverage.  Furthermore, the location of the wedding ( Local or Destination Wedding), and the "time of day". 

2) Guest List -  If you are planning a wedding on a small budget,  "please cut your guest list".  Host a small intimate (Guest Count: 25 and under) wedding, keep the guest count down ( I repeat)! As a engaged couple you have a lot of options.  Perhaps, a early morning ceremony, and host a "brunch style" wedding. So many creative menu options for brunch. Lastly, perhaps you want to elope, or have a beautiful intimate beachside ceremony with just the two"of you. Don't forget about "civil ceremonies" as well. A courthouse wedding is not what it use to be! You can get ready in a bridal suite, be swept away in a luxury vehicle, and meet your groom for a romantic ceremony!

3)  Who is paying - It was customary, that the Bride "side" paid for the wedding ( in the old days).  However, more and more couples are paying for their own wedding. Some, couples will have financial assistance from their parents and family/friends. Think about, your budget as soon as you get engaged, and set a budget and stick to it. 

4) Location - Think about the location of where you would like to host your wedding. However, location determines a lot in terms of your budget. Are you considering a destination wedding, at a tropical beach, or aboard a cruise ship? Perhaps, you want a traditional church wedding, or a historic courtyard. Don't be afraid to think "out-of-the-box" when choosing your wedding venue ( Home, Swanky Restaurant, Garden, Museum, Wineries, even a Cemetary) 

Fact: Here in Atlanta, Georgia the Oakland Cemetary host 18 Weddings a year!

5) Discuss & Plan early - Sit down as a engaged couple and discuss how much you want to spend total overall on your budget.  Once you come to an agreement,  follow your budget plan.  Lastly, plan early, please don't wait until the last minute to pull your wedding together! This creates a lot of stress and pressure between you and your fiancĂ©e. It's ideal to plan at least 12 months in advance.

 Bonus TIP (Best Tip):   Hire a Wedding Planner! - yes hire a professional wedding planner.   A planner has all the tools to not only plan your wedding but coordinate it on the Day of!  Furthermore, a planner has built professional relationships with vendors that you will need for your wedding day. Lastly, a hiring a planner takes the load, and stress off of you and your fiancĂ©e.  As, a engaged couple, you will be able to enjoy your engagement! 

If you have anymore tips feel free to leave them in the comment section below! 

Have a Sweet Day❤

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall has arrived!

Fall has just begun
As summer ends
The color of the leaves gleaming in the sun
Jumping in leaves with friends
As the tumble down
Forming a quilt on the ground
Hearing the crinkle as you jump in
Twisting and turning in the air
Feeling of the brisk air blow in your face 
The warm and delightful smell of grandma's pumpkin pie
This is fall


I thought you might enjoy this poem!

Happy Fall,
Clarissa ❤
Have a Sweet Day!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 Tips to a Fab Cocktail Party

        ( Pictured above is a Mojito)

Cocktail parties are a unique and fun idea to gather your friends together! Here at  The Sweetest Thing Events we love to give you tips on planning your next event!\

1) Feed - please make sure you pass plenty of hor d'oeuvres around.  A cocktail party is no excuse not provide your guests with plenty to eat! You don't want them uncomfortable, and HUNGRY! Lastly, you wouldn't want them making a mad dash for the closest restaurant, after the party! 

2) Seating - even though your guests will be standing for majority of the event. Provide proper seating for your guests; you want to have at least 50% of your guest count in chairs. To change up the look of the space throw in some barstools, couches, perhaps, some benches. Whatever matches your style! Just don't leave your guest with no where to sit!

3) Organized activities - make sure to plan some activities for your guests. Perhaps, add in a photo booth so your guests can grab props and take fun pics! You could, plan a champagne toast at the end of the night. Whatever, you choose just make it fun! 

4) Dance - have fun, you want your guests to not only enjoy cocktails, but you want them to dance! Hire a DJ, or upload some tunes to your laptop, or IPod.  Music and dancing always adds a lot of fun to any event. 

5) Communicate - please, tell your guests when you are sending out your invites. Communicate to them, that this is a cocktail party. In the wording include that this involves more standing than sitting. You might want to say "bring your dancing shoes" or " be ready for a night of cocktails and dancing". No matter how you choose to "word" it. Just let them know, so your guests don't leave early; because they wore the wrong shoes, or didn't plan accordingly.


Clarissa ❤
Have a Sweet Day!