Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five Things I wish I knew Before Buying a Veil

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Confession, I had no intention of wearing a veil. I know, crazy right! The truth is when I was engaged, all I pictured when I thought of a veil was the giant puff of tulle on a headband. Long story short, I did learn a few things about veils that I think you should know!

1. You aren't stuck with the traditional veil.

There are so many different types of veils. If the giant puff on the headband is your style, awesome, rock it! If not, have no fear, there are many more options. There are short veils, longs veils, puffy and drape-y veils. They come in all shades and fabrics, and can have any number of embellishments on them. So don't give up on the veil just yet! There is one that is just your style.

2. Veils can be 100% custom made...without breaking the budget!

I knew I could have a veil made exactly like I wanted. What I didn't know was that it didn't have to cost my right arm to have it made. Etsy is a fabulous invention! As much as I would love to make your custom veil, I will not deprive you of the vast world of Etsy Bridal Accessories. You can have it made to match your dress, or even incorporate some of your mom or grandmothers veil/dress in the design. The options are almost endless!

3. Veil lengths

Veil lengths can be confusing, and sometimes vary from designer to designer. Here is a general guideline to give you an idea of what to order:

Elbow Length- (1)

You can also see my page on Lengths and Lingo on my website here.

4. You can get a detachable headpiece.

I wanted a really long veil, but opted for a short one instead because I didn't want to spend money on something I was only going to wear for the ceremony. I had no idea that I could have a veil made with a detachable headpiece! It's the best of both worlds! Wear the long veil for the ceremony then just detach it from the headpiece for the reception. You still have a little something gorgeous in your hair and you don't have to lug around a long, heavy veil all night! Perfection!

5. Your style is the right style.

I have brides ask me all the time if the veil they want is "right for them." Yes. You will look 10x more amazing in the veil that you love, as opposed to the one your sister's best friend's mom loves. If you want a birdcage veil, but think you look ridiculous in it, get it custom made. Chances are having it made a little bigger or smaller will make it look just right! Really this applies to your whole look. The only opinions that really matter on your wedding day are yours and your man's. Be you. Confidence is your most attractive quality!




Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Romantic tips on Dating, Love & Keeping the Spice in your a Relationship

During engagement season I collected dating advice from several couples, single individuals, married couples, and newlyweds. I called, associates, a old high school classmate, close friends, family, in-laws, small business owners, past clients, wedding planners and even my Mother & Father that been married almost 50 years their thoughts!

It was very interesting to get everyone's advice on love, dating, and romance! I hope you enjoy these awesome tips as much as I did! Many thanks to everyone that participated. 

"Hold hands, kiss often, enjoy pillow talk before going to bed, openly communicate with each other, surprise each other, plan spontaneous trips together, schedule the same days off together." - Clarissa 

"You have to be able to communicate, and be able to trust. If a person knows they can trust you, they feel comfortable. Lastly, be dependable." - Father 

"Do things with your husband, plan things together as a couple, Including problem solving. " -  Mother 

"Don't over spend in the beginning of your marriage." Everything you put into your marriage early on, will benefit when you get older." - Mother 

"You have to build on your marriage, always think of your spouse (husband /wife). Plan a special date night once a week ( it doesn't have to be expensive) " Mother 

"Give your mate an unexpected  massage.." - Nikki 

"A really  good meal with lots of sides and a homemade dessert!" - Sherita 

"Little things go a long way.
Pull out the special things that speak louder then any words , this helps reassure your special bond. " - Shontae 

"Surprise him every few weeks with little things he likes (example: pineapple aloe water),socks, tee-shirts; small things; less than $30 total. Even a romantic or sweet card and write a personal message in it" - Sherita 

"Well I make it a point try different places, alone not in a group setting; and make sure I look really nice, flirt, and give him compliments "  - Sherita 

"Don't stick to the same routine, change things up. Surprise each other every now and then. Keep the fire lit in the bedroom"  -Angleak 

"Communication very important."- Angleak 

"take vacations without the kids "- Tenesha 

"Plan monthly dates" - Tenesha 

"Love notes (socially or personally like text msgs or hand written Facebook) or favorite candy "-Tenesha

"Make sure u take time out to enjoy each others company " Angelica 

"Have Date Nights" - Angelica 

"Let them complete their sentences without interruption; that shows you are listening to what they have to say.  "- Farrah 

"Don't get into what you like and dislike; don't complain. Be attentive and open minded" - Farrah

"Don't get too personal on the first date"- Farrah 

"Keep it cordial and simple, enjoy the first moment" - Farrah

"Listen to him. Learn everything about him". - Aisha 

"Sexy lingerie and role playing."  Aisha 

"never do the same thing for to long switch it up; from the bedroom to going places. Always, try to create new experiences with each other." - Celena 

" Give yourself time to miss each other." Shunda"

"Schedule regular couples quality time."- Arie

"Have date nights!! Dress up go out; just the two of you, enjoy and have a good time" - Erica 

"While engaged learn to plan a specific night each week as a couple not to wedding plan: instead plan a special date night" - Dana 


Have a Sweet Day, 

Written by: Clarissa
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