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Featured Vendor: "The Wedding Stylist"

                   Abbria McWhite 

I had the opportunity to conduct a interview with Abbria McWhite, Owner of "The Wedding Stylist"  (formally "Middle of Fashion").  McWhite, she's a ROCKING and amazing stylist! Her experiences include being a fashion editor, lead stylist and she styles Brides, Grooms, and more! 

Clarissa :What's the name of your company?

Abbria: The current name of my company is Middle of Fashion. However, I am going through some branding changes; and a new name will be launched in about 30 days!  The new name will be The Wedding Stylist. 

Clarissa: How did you come up with the name of your company?

Abbria: Honestly, it wasn’t that cool of a process. I was sitting in my room watching NCIS Los Angeles and was thinking about my business as usual. 
The Wedding Stylist just popped in my head. It sounded so simple so I ran it past a few colleagues. They loved it so I started working on the legal aspect. Boom there it is! 

Abbria McWhite

Clarissa: What's your slogan, and how did you come up with it?
Abbria: “Love fashion… Exude style”. I wanted to make sure my slogan really said something. A lot of people think fashion is about high-end designers and spending tons of money. But to me it is all about how you wear your garments no matter the cost or the label attached to it. So love the fashion and all the newest and hottest trends but exude style meaning make sure you still love it, and it speaks to who you are and the image you want to portray. 

Clarissa: What's your overall "niche"?  

Abbria: My “niche” is all things style & weddings. I style the entire wedding party from the blushing bride to the Mother-of-the-Bride (MOB). I also style for engagement shoots, bridal showers and any other event attached to the wedding. I assist with style shoots for magazines and wedding planners; as well offer “lady in waiting” services for the day of the wedding. 

  Bridal Styling by Abbria McWhite

       Bridal Styling by Abbria McWhite 

Clarissa: What inspires you?

Abbria: Oh gosh so many things and people!  God, true love, nature, people who are fearlessly themselves despite it all, and of course the common things such as fashion blogs, designers, gorgeous fabric and some interior design.

Clarissa: How long have you been a Stylist? 

Abbria: Probably waaaaaaa longer then I have actually been in business lol !! I was always the friend to ask what goes with what or how I pull off the newest trend. But I started blogging and working with local magazines late 2010.

Clarissa: What inspired you to get into the field of Styling?

Abbria: Well, It all started with my frequent goodwill hunting. My co-workers would often compliment me on my outfits and would ask me where I got them and a lot of the times it was from goodwill! So eventually they would give me money and I would go shop for them.  It started from one coworker and it just grew. 

Clarissa: What service do you offer in terms of Styling Brides and Grooms?

             S. Marche Photography 

            S. Marche Photography

Abbria: Weddings and style are both such personal experiences. When you combine them it becomes even more personal. For that reason most of my packages are easily customizable. However As far as styling I am there from beginning to end. I prefer to meet with you and your wedding planner so that I have an understanding of the style of the wedding and make sure your attire is appropriate. Depending on the services requested I style every piece of your ensemble from the veil to the shoes or for the groom from the bowtie to the cut of the suit. I help locate a seamstress, lead you to places that are in your price range recommend websites that fit your style and price range as well as help make sure every tiny detail is thought of in regards to your garment; how it looks as well as how it will functions for the big day!!!!

Clarissa: Please, take us on a journey into the day and life of "Styling" services. 

Abbria: Most days consist of research on new websites, visiting bridal salons, looking at blogs and wedding industry trends. I love IG for a quick way to see new trends. Some days I look through my own closet and make outfits just so I can keep my brain sharp.  I browse magazines, visit local boutiques and even go to local stores and put together outfits on fun days I buy them.. HA! My favorite days are the ones where I get to meet new clients or go to networking events. Being a stylist has a lot to do with personal relationships; building and maintaining them. Besides meeting new people is always a good idea!  

Clarissa: What advice would you like to lend to Brides and Grooms about Styling?
 Why do you feel it's important to have styling incorporated into their wedding plans?

Abbria:  I would say hire a professional lol. Not having to worry about what you are going to wear to every event for your wedding is a huge weight lifted!  
Photography is a substantial expense (worthy of the cost) when it comes to planning a wedding. If that’s important, think about how important it is for you to look timeless and well put together in those photographs. Stylist are aware of little things you may not think of such as your body type, the right colors for your skin, how your garment will photograph etc. 

Clarissa: Tell us about your background (education, experiences, internships, ect...)
My education background is in Sports Science. I just knew I was going to be a physical therapist. HA!  I did an internship and hated it! But we all know by the time you have done an internship it is way too late, and way too costly to change your major. So I graduated college and started looking for my passion. Funny thing... it found me. Like I said, I was just doing what I love dressing up and shopping. People noticed and so it all began.  Interestingly, enough most of my experiences have been self-created through God’s grace! After I discovered my passion I searched to find ways to get experience. I started my own blog. Through some contacts I became a Fashion Editor for a local magazine in Greensboro, NC named HUAMI.  I wrote as a fashion contributor for Session magazine. I also became a lead stylist at Dress for Success in Winston Salem. All of these experiences have been such a blessing and have taught me so many things. I always tell people to smile and enjoy humble beginnings. They keep you humble once your business grows and they remind you to lend a hand when you see someone else starting their journey! 

              Brandi Myers Photography

            Brandi Myers Photography

Clarissa: Do you have in upcoming projects? Any news you would like to share about your company.

 Abbria: I am so excited about so many things. I just recently moved to the Atlanta market and I am seeing a ton of growth for my business. I just confirmed a few days ago that I will be blogging for Blackbride.com.which is such an honor and blessing. Yeaaaaaaaa J!!!!  As I discussed before I am also going through a branding change which is a fun yet stressful experience but I am so excited to see the entire vision of "The Wedding Stylist"  come to fruition. I am also looking forward to working with new clients and weddings that I have coming up later in the year. Meeting new couples who are so in love is so refreshing!!!

Clarissa: What's the best way to stay in touch with you? 

Abbria: Some of my contact information will be changing however all of the old info will lead you to the new fun stuff!!

(Instagram) Bria_betena
(Facebook) Middle of Fashion

Photography Credits: 
S. Marche Photography 

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