Thursday, March 19, 2015

Orange Moon Beauty

I am so excited, to present Orange Moon Beauty  to you. The owner Sherita, and I met about was about 4-5 years ago  (when I first started my natural hair journey) I attended a local natural hair event; here in Atlanta. I have followed her wonderful journey,  and the products are absolutely amazing! Not, only does she create handmade fresh all natural products but she is a talented Make-up Artist.  She participated in my networking event last year (bringing her awesome products for the guests to sample). She's beautiful inside and out, and I'm honored that I had the opportunity to interview her.

Furthermore, she's a newlywed, and I recently had a pleasure to meet her husband. What a beautiful couple! Also, when she makes her products, you can see all the love she pours into them. On any given day you can check out her social media pages; and just see her making whipping some up! I have personally myself tried her products, and they are wonderful (I felt pampered)! 


Clarissa: Greetings, please provide us with TIPS of how to take care of your skin. 

Sherita: To care for your skin it is important to do 3 simple steps. 

Cleanse: We suggest our Liquid Black Soap

Exfoliate: You should exfoliate at least once weekly! This removes dead skin and helps with pesky ingrown hairs.

Moisturize: You must retain moisture, this can be done with body products as well as by drinking plenty of water. Our Body Butter Cream, the Oils Blend are great for maintaining and restoring moisture to the skin.

Clarissa: What are the benefits of your products, and the benefits of the ingredients? 

Sherita: Our products contain natural oils and fragrances. Our favorite oils are Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. Vitamin E is used for hyper pigmentation that often becomes a problem as women reach their 30's. Coconut Oil is such a nurturing and softening oil.

Clarissa: What is your favorite product?

Sherita: I love our Liquid Black Soap! It is such and cleansing and healing soap that can be used as a shampoo as well! We have the most amazing a invigorating scents! This product does not leave your skin extra dry and tight! It is perfect for eczema, psoriasis, acne and any skin irritations. Easily use this head to toe! In locs and dreads;  our scents last up to 1 week!

Clarissa: what inspired you to make these products?

Orange Moon Beauty products are inspired by the want and need for natural based products that are handmade with good intentions. I have always been a very blended person, blending my natural self with glam, or my style has never been just one thing or categorized because as individuals many of us and not just one thing. We are many things that make us great! There are plenty of women who desire beauty products that are luxurious, naturally. We will be offering our products in designer fragrances. I am inspired by naturally fabulous ladies and gentlemen.

Clarissa: Where did the inspiration for the name come from? 

Sherita: Orange Moon Beauty comes from the song  Orange Moon by Erykah Badu 
because I reflect the light from the sun. 

Sherita: As I grow and connect to myself and others this song elevates me to the next level in find my/our true self. My husband and I share and amazing connection he has helped me become brighter than I have ever been! As a musician his stage name is "Sunshine Brown" and he is indeed my never ending Sunshine.

Clarissa: When did you create this line? 

Sherita: Orange Moon Beauty has been around for just about a year now.

Clarissa: What are your future projects you have coming up? 

Sherita: In the 2015 we will be adding more handmade and natural based products to our line, including soy candles, all natural deodorant, bath soaks, incense blocks, sage bundles and more themed spa series! Long term we wish to open a small boutiques where you can read, relax have tea and pick up those things that create a very specific lifestyle.

Clarissa: How can someone place a order? Lastly, let us know how we can stay in contact with you. 

Orange Moon Beauty 
Further Information: 
Justin & Sherita Thomas Email: Goddessgrind@gmail.com or you can email us thru our site.

Interview by: Clarissa

Have a Sweet Day!