Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to Write a Love Letter


We are currently in the season of love and romance, with Engagement season being close; I want to introduce everyone into the art of letter writing.  I love to write, and there is nothing more heartfelt than writing a love letter. I want to talk about how to write a beautiful love letter. Here's a few tips, and advice!

Go purchase nice paper- buy some pretty stationary paper, and coordinating envelopes. Think about how you want to set the tone. Plain paper will work as well, it's totally up to your personal taste. 

Set the mood - find a quiet place, someplace that's very calm, and relaxed. You want to be able to think clearly about what exactly you want to write. Turn on your favorite music, and take your time; collect your thoughts.  Think about how much you love your significant other, and how much they mean to you. 

Put the pen to the paper-  as you begin writing (DO NOT email, or text; handwritten only). I want you to write down all your thoughts and emotions, explaining your love on paper.  Include special moments and memories you have shared together. Also, talk about the romantic future you look forward to sharing together.  The letter can be short or long, and always seal it with a kiss! Always, make sure you proofread the letter.

The most special moment is delivering the love letter! Seal it in a nice envelope, or place it in a small box wrapped in tissue paper. If you want a added, extra touch mail the letter (think of ways to make it really special). Ask the post office for stamps that consist of hearts, or something involved with love.

Tip: Spray the love letter with your favorite perfume, cologne, or body splash ( for the ladies put on some lipstick and leave some kisses on the letter).


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By: Clarissa The Sweetest Thing Events

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Plan a Romantic Staycation

A staycation is a option where couples can stay in their own city or town, and vacation. Perhaps, book a local Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Room, or Spa & Lodge. 

Here in Georgia there are lots of mountains, cabins, cottages, lodges, beaches, beach houses, villas/condos, beach/resorts, and so many options for a staycation. 

The option or endless, you just have to get creative and talk with your significant other. Make plans to enjoy your own city and town.  Think about places you always wanted to go or heard about (romantic places). 

Here are 3 tips on, how to plan a romantic staycation. 

#1) Choose the location - the location is everything, think about where you want to go. Perhaps, it's a hotel, bed & breakfast, ect... once you decide, call and make the reservations. Also, asking about romance packages, a la carte services. Consider asking about turn-down services, champagne and chocolates, butler services, spa/massage, ect...

#2) Choose the activities ... ask the about complimentary shuttle services (if available) perhaps there are some restaurants in the area. Look online for local events, festivals, and activities. Make reservations to have a romantic breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Inquire within where you are staying and see if it's a restaurant within the place. 

#3) Add in the romance - plan to spend quality time together.  Add in a special touch ( write a love letter before your staycation). Give your significant other the love letter during your stay. Download your slow music music on your iPod, laptop, tablet, or smart phone (love songs).   Bring a camera and snap quick pics of each other ( don't use your cell phone camera). Have un-interrupted conversations (stay off your phone while spending time with each other).

Tip: While you are away enjoying this time together start making plans for the next getaway, or Staycation. This makes planning exciting, and gives you two a opportunity to brainstorm together. 

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5 Winter Dating ideas

Baby it's cold outside! Here at The Sweetest we are blogging all about love and romance! Engagement season is in full swing, and we are really excited. 

Today, we will talk about 5 fabulous winter date ideas! 

Note: These are some of my recommendations for places here in Georgia! Below are some of my husband's and I favorites! 

#1) Iceskating - why not go out and hold hands together. Grab a cup of hot chocolate (dress warm), and hit the rink! Here in Georgia I love Atlantic Station's iceskating rink ( wrap your arms around each other's waist and have fun). 

#2) Coffee Shop - a fun way to sit, and lounge together on your smart phone, or tablet and surf the net on wifi. Order your favorite warm beverages, and hangout together. One of my favorites is Starbucks (of course) or Java Monkey Decatur, Georgia ( great conversations can be sparked in coffee shops).

#3) Draw & Sip together - Create a Canvas located in southeast Georgia in the city of Lithonia. It's certainly a perfect date night full of drawing and sipping on your favorite wine (BYFW - Bring Your Favorite Wine!!!)! 

#4) Go grab something SWEET - We love Cafe Intermezzo dessert, a wide selection of cakes, cheesecakes ( always different flavors). We also love to dine here ( Super Romantic) when you enter it's dimly lit with candles ( a beautiful and intimate place), and in the winter months the outdoor patio is well heated. What's great, is there are two locations to choose from. 

#5) Wine Tasting - attend a wine tasting together. There's a monthly wine tasting in the Virginia Highlands area, one of the most romantic places in Georgia! The place I love is called, Java Vino ( I know I love the Coffee Houses). Here they offer wine tastings, venue space, and great coffee. Inquire within for the next monthly tasting. 

If you enjoyed these tips please don't forget to leave a comment below. For more romantic tips Click Here

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Romance Series Part - 2

We will continue the romance series with "How to plan a romantic drive around the City"! Love is everywhere, men all over the world are popping the question ( Will you Marry Me)! This is the season of cold, chilly weather (cuddle weather).

Couples are making romantic plans, and spending more time together. Here I will give some tips on getting out for a day together. You will learn some romantic ways to take a little mini tour around your own city! 

#1) Plan your route - think about, where your favorite spots as a couple. Places you like to eat, spend time, window shop or grab a quick dessert, JUMP out there and try something new! Choose 3-5 places to go! Program them all in the GPS and you two are ready to hit the CITY.

#2) Grab your coats, scarves, gloves, and a hat ( you want to stay nice and warm), make some hot chocolate ( or warm drink you prefer). Buy your "love" a new mug ( or coffee cup) this will be a sweet gesture. Exchanging gifts right before you two hit the road is a COOL idea too ( buy each other thick socks, ear muffs, ect...)

#3) HOP in car - head to your destinations ( STAY OFF THE CELL PHONE) only use it to take pictures together ONLY!  Talk to each other, make present and future plans together. Really take in your surroundings, and snap pictures. Furthermore, make the trip in the car a experience ( remember you are creating memories). Hold hands in the car, laugh, tell each other jokes, kiss, hug and have fun! 

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Romance Series Part-1

 Happy Novemeber everyone! The Fall is here and "Engagement Season has arrived. Love is in the air, and that means there's a lot of romance, and marriage proposals this time of year.

I'm going to give 3 quick tips on how to plan a romantic surprise for that special someone in your life! 

#1) Think about what the love of your life likes. If it's a particular hobby, or place they love to go, or maybe it's a favorite food. Make sure when you are making your special plans; incorporate what they love. 

#2) The best things in life are free ( I know you have heard that old saying).  Well, it's true, you can write a love letter, write a poem, or perhaps tell them exactly how you feel, and express your love to them. Either, way the message will be received by them in a warm, and heart felt way. 

#3) Lastly, is the surprise itself; after thinking about everything your significant other loves now it's time to pull the details all together.  Plan a special day to pull off the surprise! You can mail them a post card with all the details (time, location, date) or tell them where to meet you! Make the day romantic and fun; enjoy!

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Send all your romance questions and inquires to sweetestthingevents@live.com

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