Monday, February 8, 2016

3 Ways to Spread Love with Your Phone

You text each other all day! We live in a world now where everyone has a smart phone device! I know there are times where you are just saying hello, or sending a reminder, or perhaps sharing a laugh at a video you seen together on Facebook, or Instagram. As all my clients, family, and friends know I love romance!

Here's a sweet little ideas for you (especially since love is in the air) and Valentine's Day is around the corner. I will give you some romantic tips, and ways to use your cell phone to WOW him!

Surprise him with a gift, ship it to his job, or perhaps have it hand delivered to him at a restaurant! However, leading up to day the gift arrives, text hints of the gift. 
Don't give too much away (you don't want him to guess it). Just small tiny hints until the gift arrives! 

Tip #2 
Set up reservations at your favorite eatery and program it in your calendar on your smart phone. Plan this on a day you know he's free and available. Add him on the calendar too (there should be a option to "invite"). Invite him within the calendar and he will get the alert too! He will love how thoughtful you are, and he will be surprised. 

Tip #3 
Text him the lyrics to your favorite love song that describes how you feel. Especially, if it's a song you both love, that makes it even more special. As soon as the text comes through send him a voice recording (your smart phone should have a voice recording option) telling how much you love and adore him. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and have lots of fun! Don't be afraid to get creative and add in more love and romance. If you like these tips and ideas please comment below! 

Have a sweet day, 

Written by: Clarissa