Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Engagement Feature: Love Story of "Zachary & Ashley"

"A Teenage Love"

This lovely couple out of Wisconsin met through mutual friends during their high school years. Their friendship turned into a sweet "teenage love"! 

Their engagement story is heartfelt, and sweet. I love how music played a role in setting the tone for the actual marriage proposal.  Enjoy their "love story" as it is lovely! What started out as a typical anniversay date turned into a beautiful night for Zachary & Ashley! 

 " Zachary & Ashley" 


Zachary and Ashley were introduced to each other by mutual friends; while attending high school. After, becoming friends later they began dating. By their junior year of high school their friendship blossomed into a relationship. 


Zachary and Ashley have learned how to conquer all challenges they have faced. No matter what they always come out on top better than ever!


On, Wednesday December 11, 2013, Zachary and Ashley went out to celebrate their 4 year anniversary. 
The couple chose to have a dinner date  and go ice skating. Immediately, following dinner the couple made their way to the ice skating rink.

 As the couple skated, Zachary pointed  out that the song "Still Into You" By Paramore was playing; of course Ashley was so focused on skating ( it had been quite a while, since she last ice skated). 
As Ashley got the hang of ice skating she started to notice the music....

The second song was "Marry Me" By Jason Durlo. The last song that played was their favorite song. "I'll Be" By Edwin McCain. 


As Zachary and Ashley stopped for a break during the song, Ashley pointed out to him that their favorite song was playing.  By this time he was already on the ground fixing his ice skates.  

Zachary looked up at Ashley and said, "Ashley there's a reason for these songs playing today." She just looked at him with a confused looked he reached into his coat that was on the bench and pulled out a big box... 


As Ashley kept repeating the word no over and over because she was convinced that he wasn't going to propose for a while still. Then, Zachary opened the box and looked up and said, "Ashley I love you...will you marry me?" At first she took a couple steps back still being in shock. Then, Ashley said yes! 

For details on Zachary & Ashley's "Love Story" and more, stay tuned! 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Giveaway

I'm excited to announce the first giveaway of 2014! Valentine's Day is coming soon. Love is in the air!

One lucky "engaged couple" will have a chance to win "The Sweetest Box"  - a sweet little box filled with romantic items by "Risqué"! Perfect, gift for your upcoming Honeymoon!

The prize is sponsored by: 
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Qualifications: You must be "Engaged" in order to win the Prize! 


Post a picture of you and your fiancée on Instagram. 
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Giveaway ends February 1, 2014 
11:59pm (EST) winner will be notified via Instagram, and the prize will be shipped to your home address.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sweating for the Wedding!

As a Blushing Bride you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day! 
It's a perfect idea to start your workout regimen, as soon as you are engaged!

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Here's a few tips to jump start your new year to a healthy lifestyle ( and SWEATING for the wedding). Remember:  Always consult with your physician before beginning any workout program.

Eat Healthy & Hydrate - eat healthy, add alot of fresh vegetables and fruits! Try out a Green Smoothie. Take a daily vitamin (You will feel better), and cut your portion sizes down. Stay away from high fat, high sugar, processed foods! Drink plenty of  (8 glasses a day) water; try alkaline water).  Click here to watch a video on making alkaline water!

Get Moving you may be ready to start exercising. However, you cannot figure out what exactly you want to do? Try out Zumba, pole dancing, chick boxing, or maybe a hot yoga class. Perhaps, you may want to try out rock climbing (indoor), go skating, or jump rope! Lastly, you might want to try out a Salsa, or a Hip Hop dance class. 

Note: If you are in the Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan area please check out my favorite Lawanda "The Fitness Diva" Brokenborough.

                                                                Source: Bing Images

Purchase great workout gear - go to a running store that can match you with the perfect shoe.  I like to find chic and comfortable workout shoes, and a cute bag ( Makes working out fun)! Check out my favorite consultant, Naomi Irion she has the perfect bag for your exercise gear Click Here. My favorite place to find exercise clothes is TJMAXX. 

Stretch - stretch your muscles BEFORE and AFTER working out. Warming your muscles are very important, and cooling down as well with a nice stretch. Make sure while you are stretching take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling. Relax your entire body; focus on each muscle group during your stretch.

Set Goals - before you start your exercise program always set a goal. Think about what your short term and long term goals are. What's your target BMI? What's your target weight? Where do you want to be in your fitness journey this time 6 months from now,a year from now?

                                                               Source: Bing Images

Bonus Tip: Why not grab your groom! You two can workout, and plan your healthy meals together!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

Happy New Year from "The Sweetest Thing Events" ! 

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The Organized Bride

Blushing brides are always busy with planning their big day! Everything from attending gown fittings, to make-up trials, practicing their first dance, going over wedding vows, working out ( Staying fit for the Wedding), shoe shopping, shopping with their bridesmaids, to meeting future in-laws and more ( you get the picture)!

With all the wedding planning, vendor meetings, cake tastings, chef tasting, beverage/signature drink tasting, bridal shows, bridal workshops, engagement celebrations to plan, engagement photo shoot, invitations to order, receipts, invoices, order forms, and more it's ALOT to organize; and as a Beautiful Bride.to.Be it's quite a task to keep up with everything!

I know from week to week, month to month there will be paper, business cards, samples and more to keep up with!   As a planner I truly understand, and I wanted to show you a solution to your problem! a perfect way to organize your wedding planning, and even your home!

Introducing a Christian Based Company called "Thrifty One Gifts" ( The inspiration behind name came from Proverbs 31).  This  Company offers everything you need to keep everything in your life organized. 

Thirty One  has beautiful bags! Everything from tote bags, wrist-lets, handbags, large and small bags, aprons, organizing baskets, containers, and even stationary. Please, stop by my vendor "Naomi Irion, Consultant of Thirty One and visit Click Here thank you! You will be supporting a Christian based company ( which is a really GREAT cause). These make great Bridal, Bridesmaids, and even Groom's Gifts!

Honeymoon Tip: This makes the perfect gift for you and your new spouse especially on your honeymoon. Imagine arriving to your destination carrying a bag in your wedding colors with your monogram on it!

 Please, provide feedback and tell me what Items, tools, or systems are put into place to keep you organized. I would love to here from you