Saturday, January 31, 2015

How to be a Tourist in your Own Surroundings

This is such a fun post! It's all about being a tourist in your own town. Yippee! I love to explore, my own city, town, and surrounding cities. 

moved here over a decade ago from the Midwest of Missouri.  Georgia is stunning, and very beautiful all the pretty trees, hills, and trails, and what I truly love are the cabins and mountains. There are a lot of places you can go to in Georgia, and hands down the mountains would be a great place to tour. What's so awesome about it, you don't even have to travel that far!

What I enjoy about living here in the south is you are very close to the mountains. The cabins are a great place to seek out getaway, and tour.  The Blue Ridge Georgia Mountains  are only a 90 minute drive from downtown Atlanta. There are a lot of cabin companies to choose from. Also, you can find a lot of deals, and discounts for cabin rentals online. Not only are there cabins, vacation homes, cottages,  resorts, and hotel accommodations. 

Also, trying new restaurants in the mountains, and shopping in the old towns, and historic areas. Enjoying the scenery, and attractions. Lots of the cabins will offer a country breakfast, and a la carte services; massage, wine and cheese basket delivery, steak dinner for two, and other concierge services. Also, there are local parks, hiking, a Scenic Railway and other outdoor activities.  I always recommend the mountains as a great way to vacation. A good idea for family trips, engaged and married couples and more. Perhaps, even a quick overnight trip with a few friends, even a girlfriends getaway

Places I love to tour in the Mountains:

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

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Written By: Clarissa
Photo Source: Mountain Cabin Rentals


Fueling Yourself - Mind, Body, & Soul

Fuel - 

  1. Something consumed to produce energy, especially.

There is one thing that I will do to fuel myself. It's that very thing that will give me energy! The one thing that will make me happy, and feel free. I think as a blogger, wedding and event planner, mom, wife, ect....taking the time out to refresh and enjoy the things in life that I like to do in my spare time is important. I actually can think of tons of things that I can do! But on this blog post I will focus on "one". 

When I think about the actual definition of "fuel" it's pretty straight foreword. You want to have something that you love to do, that gives you "energy". A great happy burst of energy. 

I want to focus on, riding my bike! Which takes me back to my childhood. I loved to ride my bike everywhere all around the neighborhood. It was one of the big thing I looked forward to as a child. Also, now as a adult, I purchased a mountain bike not that long ago. However, I want to buy a new one, and I would also like to buy a beach crusier as well ( yes 2-3 different bikes).   I love going to Tybee Island, Georgia ( love the beach). I would absolutely love to ride my bike around the beach/island. Furthermore, last year while on vacation in the Blue Ridge, Georgia Mountains. I saw a old vintage bike (wow, I love vintage classic items, would LOVE a bike like that)! 

Riding a bike is not only fun, but it's great exercise. Also, there's so many overall health benefits to riding a bike on a frequent basis (my father taught me that as a little girl).  When I'm on a bike I feel happy, energized, and awesome! I can't wait to go shopping for my new bikes soon! 

Have a Sweet day, 

Photo Source: Tumblr
Written by: Clarissa

Friday, January 30, 2015

Decluttering - Freeing up my work space

                       Photo Credit 

I want to de-clutter my work space, I love to brainstorm, use post-it notes, journals, notebooks, mini notebooks, scratch paper, index cards, and notebook paper! I'm always thinking, writing, coming up with tons of ideas for myself, marriage, family, and business! Constantly, taking notes! Furthermore, after while you begin to collect tons of paper, and notebooks... and lastly it becomes a mess! You find yourself storing things in boxes, putting them away. It's cycle, that I want to end; and it starts by "de-cluttering" and getting rid of the extra papers. Also, I need to create "one" central location that I can write all my ideas down at. 

Decluttering is KEY to being more organized. Also, being able to navigate through all your ideas in a organized fashion. 

My plan is to create a system that works exclusively for me. I will purchase one binder, or filing cabinet, perhaps a huge journal. This will for sure cut down on tons of paper clutter! 

Have a Sweet Day, 

Photography Source: www.athomeinlove.com
Written by: Clarissa

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What "ONE" Thing I Will Do to Have More "ME" Time

Taking time out for yourself is key! You have to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Especially if you are wearing many hats (Wife, Mother, Friend, Business Owner, ect...) I will incorporate "me" time into my schedule. This gives me time to recharge, and refresh myself, and be even more productive.

     All the amazing scrubs and oils! 

           My Instagram snap shots!

One weekend, myself and a few girlfriends decided to have a "spa" day. The spa is called "iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa" I went to a spa recommended by a dear friend of mines.  The spa offers made from scratch spa treatments.  Along, with many other services (facials, predicures, manicures, ect...).  To make a long story short, I enjoyed my one hour massage so much...that I'm now "hooked"! I will certainly, reward myself with a massage (on a regular basis). 

I can still remember walking into the spa being greeted with a warm smile. The decor, it smelled so good all the fresh oils, and scrubs, au natural products; such a wonderful experience! I remember choosing the two oils that the massage therapist used on me during my session. It was absolutely amazing! 

            Instagram snap shot

    Here's a pic of me smelling the oils    and scrubs.......

Here are a few steps of how I will add "me" time to my schedule: 

* Marking my calendar and planning around my events, and daily activites. 

* Saving money in advance to make sure I can include these special activites in my budget

* Un-plugging, turning my smart phone, and all electrical gadgets and devices off during my pampering. 

Have a Sweet Day, 

Written by: Clarissa
Photography credits: iphone photography
(I snapped these pictures with my iphone!)
341 Nelson 
Atlanta, Georgia 

How to Plan a Romantic Indoor Picnic

Choose the date and plan ahead - Think about when exactly you want to snuggle up and have a indoor picnic. I really love how this romantic activity can be done during the week or weekend. Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be a holiday or special occasion. You can just plan one "just because". Go pick out everything you will need from the blanket, pillows, picnic basket, china, flatware, stemware, rose petals, and all the special little touches you want to add (Make it EXTRA Special)!         



Plan the menu - choose your significant others favorites food/beverage. Don't forget to plan a nice dessert as well. The menu planning should be really fun and easy. Don't forget the fresh fruits, such as strawberries! Maybe, even chocolate covered strawberries, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, some rolled in nuts, ect,. My husband and I really love Kilwin's here in Atlanta for fresh speciality candies,...

Pick up a glass a Champagne or wine! Have it already chilled and ready for that night.

Set the mood - after you place the blanket on the floor, and all the other romantic goodies...set the mood. Dim the lights, light some candles, and set-up the plates and flatware, and pour the bubbly/wine. Write your significant other a love letter (handwritten letters are always best (pre-write the letter) spread your rose petals all over. Play some music you both enjoy! Talk, laughter, eat, drink, and enjoy each other's company.
Make it extra special and give your love a massage at the end!

Bonus Tip: Wear something comfortable (because you will be on the floor together), and don't forget to seal the night with a kiss!

Have a Sweet Day,




There are so many things vying for your attention while planning a wedding. The venue, the photographer, the invitations, the dress- I just gave some of you an anxiety attack just listing them! Take a deep breath. This post is about one simple, light, airy thing: the veil.

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta is one of my favorite shows ever! Finding your dress is one of the best feelings in the world. So a whole show dedicated to it makes me happy! I’ve noticed a trend, though. The veil is never mentioned. It is all about the bride and the dress. She puts on dress after dress, and dress after dress is rejected by mom or an over-confident bridesmaid. Then comes the last dress. Usually, there is at least one person on the edge. Sometimes it’s the bride who is unsure, facing the unanimous approval of her entourage. Monte says it’s time to “jack her up” and tells the bride to close her eyes. When she opens them again, they usually fill with tears. Suddenly, she feels like a bride. This is HER dress. Mom starts crying. Best friends are clapping. The question comes, “Are you saying yes to the dress?” Cheers erupt after a joyful “Yes!” Monte saved the day again…with a veil.

There is something sacred about that thin piece of tulle. It has held us captive for centuries. It can be mind boggling to find just the right one, however. So many styles and shapes, which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at it.


Not every bride fits into a particular category, but here are a few examples to get us started.


The high-fashion brides are divas. They like a little extra sparkle in their lives and their bridal look is no different! The veil I have pictured here is is the perfect example. The french net on top of the tulle adds glamour and intrigue. French net is very popular with the high-fashion brides.


The classic bride is very sophisticated in her bridal look. The dress may be an eye catcher but the overall look is simple and stunning. The long, soft veils are perfect for the classic bride. This one is an English Net veil. The drape is amazing and adds an ethereal touch to any bridal look. In fact, look closely, this is the same model as the picture above. All we changed was the veil.


The whimsical bride loves all things enchanting. She has a woodland feel to her bridal look. Long veils or simple birdcages work well for the whimsical bride, as well. However, I love the vine tiara above. A simple headpiece can set the stage for your particular style just as a veil can.



Don’t worry I didn’t forget you! The casual bride is not looking for a huge formal wedding. She may have a simple barn wedding, or maybe she is planning on eloping. A simple bridal headband, or birdcage veil is perfect for the casual bride! Even elopements can be done in style!


Like I said, most brides don’t fit perfectly into a particular category. There are many factors that come into play. Your dress, your venue, and most importantly, your own personal style. If you are a high-fashioned bride with a big beautiful dress, but you like long veils, get a long veil! Do what YOU love!

I will give you a few pointers to help get you going:

1. If you love long veils, but the back of your dress is your favorite part of the dress, opt for a fine tulle. English net is too thick for you; you will not be able to see the details you love. You may consider adding lace to the bottom of the veil to frame the back of your dress.

2. Birdcage veils are having a very big moment in wedding style! If you adore the idea of a birdcage veil, but want to keep things a little more simple, go for tulle. It gives your style a softer appearance.

Tulle Birdcage Veil $30.00
                                        Wenzel Photography 

3. No matter what your style is, a headpiece is always a good idea. You can wear it on top of a veil, under a veil, or completely on it’s own. It brings the perfect touch of bridal to your look.

4. Your veil or headpiece should perfectly represent all that is unique and beautiful in you. You shouldn’t have to settle for the generic bridal shop veil. If you want a veil or headpiece that is as individual as you are, a custom design may be perfect! It gives you the chance to be involved in the design process, and add all the details you love, because every detail of your big day is special.

You’ve found the perfect dress, the venue is booked, the invitations have been ordered. In Monte’s words, “It’s time to jack you up!”
Guest Blogger: Julia Belle's
Twitter: @Julia_Belles
Facebook:  Julia Belle's`Facebook
Email: juliabellesveils@gmail.com
Photography Source: Julia Belle's

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Task that I will "Outsource" within my Business

Outsource (def.):

: to send away (some of a company's work) to be done by people outside the company

I love to plan, and coordinate weddings, social events, marriage proposals (such a Lover of Romance)! I love to blog and bring my clients true visions to life! Today I will talk about what I have decided within my business to "outsource". 

I will outsource my stationary, invitations, graphic design (flyers, marketing materials) and event design. As a planner I always have my creative juices flowing.  I'm always thinking about wedding and events. I am very creative, I can put beautiful color palettes together, and pull details, and ideas and make them pretty. 

However, I'm only one person, and my primary focus is to plan and coordinate (among other tasks, that I do within my business). I want to be a Awesome planner but I cannot operate solo, I have to have other experts on my team!

The benefit of outsourcing: 

* I will have more time to focus on planning, coordinating, blogging, and being a wedding podcast co-host, and planning amazing romantic marriage proposal!

*I will allow other preferred wedding professionals, vendors, that have a expertise in that area to do what they do best. Which is to design! 

*Time is valuable, and I want to deliver my best "self" to all my clients, brides, grooms, ect; giving this task to someone else will give me more time, and in turn I'm a happier planner (smiles)! Plus, my client is happy because things will move quicker and more efficient!

*Most importantly, I have more time spent with my family. My personal, and business life have to have balance! By giving someone else the task of designing the event, and flyers I will be able to get MORE quality time in! 

Lastly, it's best to work together with other wedding professionals, event designers, graphic designers as one team. Also, it's great to collectively come together to execute the client's overall vision. 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Have a Sweet Day,

Written By: Clarissa 
Photography Credit: Pinterest

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Fun & Fab System I use when Blogging

I'm constantly blogging, I'm always thinking about my next blog post. Sometimes I have to blog on the go, inbetween running errands. I have a system of how I blog, and a tool I utilize to make it easy! I use  BLOGGER that I downloaded to my smart phone device. By using this App I can easily write, edit, save, or publish a blog post instantly. I can share my posts quickly, upload photos, and much more!

"I LOVE my IPhone, and I'm constantly using it to BLOG!" - Clarissa 

Here is the system I have put into place for when I blog:

#1) I brainstorm about the topic, and I conduct research. I think about the time of year/season, what's trending, popular, ect. 

#2) I open up the  BLOGGER App on my smart phone device (I blog from my phone about 99% of the time) I love it, and it's very quick and easy. 

#3) I will take the time to proofread the posts, and edit.

#4) I will share the blog post via social media, text, and in a blogging group. 

#5) I will follow up and read the comments, and continue to share the post, until I put new content out. 

I hope you enjoyed these 5 steps, and perhaps you can share with me the systems you use! 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Have a Sweet Day,

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Written by: Clarissa

Monday, January 26, 2015

Setting Goals - 3 Amazing Goals I have set for 2015

There's so many bridal, wedding, workshops, meet-ups, wedding planner brunch/lunch functions coming up this year. I love to be very active in my business and participate and attend a lot of events. I will discuss 3 Goals I have set this year; which one includes a fun personal vacation! 

#1 Goal: 
My first goal for 2015 is to continue to participate in the weekly Twitter Chat.  I will continue and plan my calendar around these particular chats (set my phone alerts to remind me).  These chats are fun, educational, and a perfect time to communicate with other wedding professionals. I currently, participate on Wednesdays, and Sundays. I have met some awesome wedding planners and professionals via Twitter. I have even had a few support me when I host my own networking events. Participating in my swag bags, sponsoring prizes/giveaways. 

#2 Goal: 
My second goal....I have a goal to sign up for a educational program. A program that is specific to wedding planners, small business owners, ect... Education is key, and I want to continue to learn more about improving my business. I want to present the best services, products, ect to my clients. I'm currently shopping around for the best educational program to sign -up for! 

#3 Goal: 
Lastly, my 3rd Goal is to plan a vacation for the Summer 2015 during my birthday week. I love to rent out the awesome beachhouses in Tybee Island, Georgia. It's a lot of attractions, restaurants, beach activites, water sports, and more! I will begin now looking for a beach house to reserve ( it's a great idea to start early before they are Sold Out)! I will plan all the activites in advance as well. I want to stay for 7 days; relax, and have a ton of fun! I have been before in the past several times; but this time I want to try things I never have before! 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Have a Sweet Day, 

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Written by:Clarissa

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My One Focus for 2015 - Bride & Groom Education

Education, is the one thing I want to focus on more than anything in 2015. Educating brides and grooms, by blogging, writing a ebook, hosting workshops, events, and functions centered around wedding and bridal education. I will not forget the guys, grooms need education as well. I want to provide a fun, interactive platform, for brides and grooms to easily access. I want to create series of workshops. I have been thinking about this a long time. I am all about education.

I have such a desire to teach the brides and grooms what they need while engaged. I want to be very hands-on with the couples. 

     "I am happy to be apart of the process of educating couples, this is a very exciting venture for me" 

Also, teaching about preparation for pre-wedding, scheduling and planning all those fun activites ( engagement party, bridal shower, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, ect...) I see a lot of engaged coupes that really need a lot of education and guidance. I love to blog about varies wedding/bridal topics that will assist with the wedding planning. Also, it's truly important to hire a wedding planner (no matter what). 

Furthermore, by creating such amazing platforms, for the couples; this will help me be a very resourceful wedding planner. I have already started thinking of what I would like to do. Now, that the new year is here, it's time to start plugging in those dates/time/location for the upcoming events. Also, it's time to continue to blog, and to keep putting out amazing content. The ebook is a project I want to really want to complete; and have available for couples.

I love to write, and I know the ebook would be a fun project for me. The ebook ties into the educational element of my "one" goal to focus on (which is indeed "education").

I'm excited about what's to come for my 2015 engaged couples. I want brides and grooms to have a amazing experience while engaged and going into their marriage.

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Have a Sweet Day, 

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Written by: Clarissa Pinterest

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fab plans for 2015 - Creating my ideal business model

I am a wedding & event planner, marriage proposal planner, blogger, and wedding talk show Co-host I love everything about weddings, social events, and interacting with brides, grooms, and clients. 

Also, I love to educate, teaching is rewarding, I love hosting networking events, meeting and greeting with wedding professionals, and vendors. I also, love to meet inspiring wedding and event planners as well. 

Furthermore, among meeting new planners that want to learn the craft; I allow them to shadow me (I love educating them)! I love social media as well and interacting and meeting new professionals on all social media platforms. I have a lot of fun during weekly Twitter ChatsTwitter Party hosted during wedding shows on TV, and and also hosting bridal Giveaways via social media. 

I also, love to travel to bridal shows, expos, and bridal events out of state. Last year I attended New York International Bridal Week. It was so amazing, I was there as the social media manager of Bridal Style Blog. The couture shows, were amazing, one of my favorite wedding designers is Carol Hannah (Carol Hannah's Couture Fashion Show was amazing)!  Furthermore, I have volunteered at Bridal Events, working behind the scenes (last year I volunteered at The Atlanta Bridal Showcase & Brunch) with professional vendors,models, assisting with event design, stuffing swag bags, greeting brides.to.be, and more (I am a wedding fanatic!). I met a awesome wedding professional at my Spring networking event last year Pretty Chic Bridal; we continued to network throughout 2014 and I assisted her with a bridal show (we also volunteered together at The Atlanta Bridal Showcase & Brunch)  Lastly,  it's all such a warm and rewarding feeling to do all these fun activites; it's truly my passion. I LOVE It! 


My business model consist of implementing wedding workshops, more networking events, participating in my first speaking engagement invited by a awesome Atlanta based photographer/blogger. (YAY! Coming this Spring of 2015), launching something  new for my business (that's a secret - in progress), I want to incorporate more education for brides and grooms, I want to include more giveaways; and most of all being front and center interacting with my customers, building more relationships with new wedding professionals and vendors. In terms of social media I want to include even more interaction via Twitter, by participating in Twitter parties and indeed hosting some (as a matter of fact we have a Twitter party coming soon!  Co-hosting on "Bridal Style Blog Podcast", is a big love of mines and having a chance to interact with brides, and wedding professionals on air and the host and I have alot of fun. Lastly, attending more educational, and informational wedding workshops for myself this year! 

I enjoyed discussing my ideal business model for 2015, I hope you enjoyed! 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Photography: IPhone Photography via my Instagram page @sweetestthingevents 
Have a Sweet Day!

Written by: Clarissa

Friday, January 23, 2015

Letting Go - Forming new habits

Out with the old and in with the new, with the new year among us it's time to set new goals. Reflect on what we accomplished last year. Time to form all fresh and new habits! I want to let go of the habit of not writing my new ideas down! 

I get a idea and sometimes I will not write it down. As a wedding and event planner I'm always brainstorming. Constantly, thinking of new things to implement. 

My new habit I will form for this year is writing my ideas down ( writing them down all the time, as soon as I think of them!)!!!

Holding on to old habits will slow you down. I don't want to start the new year off with habits from 2014. 

What I plan to do is, as soon as an idea pops into my head. I'm going to grab a notebook, or journal and write the idea down. I will also use tabs to organize the ideas. I plan to have all my ideas all arranged where I can easily access them. 
I think that will help a lot, especially on days when I have down time. I also, plan to sit aside a time to look over my ideas. Most of the ideas that come to me are social, networking, and bridal/wedding events ideas. 

Developing great habits will help me prosper in my business. Therefore, I can be even more productive. I will be able also to take these ideas and build on them! I cannot wait to get started with forming my new habit for 2015! 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.
Have a Sweet Day, 

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Written by: Clarissa

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Distractions - and setting boundaries

Distractions are always around us, especially with smart phones, tablets, iPads, ect... Balancing so much in your day to day life. It's so easy to be distracted and thrown off task.

 I know that social media, email, and apps all installed on my smart phone it's very easy for me to get distracted. I have lots of notifications going off all the time. 
I certainly get distracted by my phone, and I have already started to make changes. I'm taking small steps, in efforts to cut down on the distractions coming from my phone!

Here are some steps I'm putting into place to create bounderies! 

#1) Have set times "daily" that I check and respond to emails. Only between those hours I will read, and reply. I will make exceptions, if needed. 

#2) I also, have a set time that I will check my phone App notifications. 

#3) I will look at my Apps on my smart phone device and decide what notifications I can consider turning off. 

#4) I want to put into place certain times when I "un-plug" and put the phone in a silence mode or Do Not Disturb ( or just turn the phone completely off). 

#5) I want to create a special place in my home where I can leave the phone and be "un-plugged" during special times, especially during family time. 

Applying discipline and those steps above;  will propel me in the right direction. Distractions can take you away from the most important elements in your life. You can waste valuable time ( time you can't get back)! 

Note: This blog post was inspired by Natalie Sission 15-Day blog challenge.

Have a Sweet Day, 

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Written by: Clarissa