Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Eve Inspirations

Happy Wedding Wednesday! The countdown for 2015 is tonight! This is my last blog post for 2014, WOW what a incredible year.  I cannot wait to bring you more great content next year! Today, I wanted to bring to you some fabolous New Years Eve inspirations. The holiday is surrounded with lots of glitter, confetti, and glam! Also, New Year Eve themed weddings, social events, and big spectacular parties. Here at The Sweetest Thing Events we are excited about the new year. Enjoy these inspirations and perhaps you can incorporate some into your own celebrations.


Imagine celebrating the New Year in this beautiful sequin dress, covered in gold, it's very gorgeous and perfect for a night out of celebration.  Imagine arriving to a party, and dancing the night away in this dress. I love how it's paired with a clutch purse, and bracelet.


New Years Eve parties are about the eye candy ( the pretty decorations) and you can WOW your guests with unique decor! When hosting a New Years Eve themed party you want to create a fun, festive atomosphere! Here's a awesome idea to implement if you love to do DIY projects! I love the GOLD!

I was inspired by this beautiful bridal bouquet perfect for a blushing bride as she exchanges vows on New Years Eve! The colors are so soft and beautiful, and the bottom is wrapped so lovely in gold sequin. Lots of sparkle, and shine, and any Bride will dazzle as she carries this bouquet throughout the wedding day!

Here's a sassy, short sequin, and pretty "Cut the Cake" dress, perfect for the curvy bride. The golds, blacks, and shimmer make the dress shine. Also, this dress is great "after the wedding" as the bride exits the reception on New Years Eve night! 

Make the grand entrance into the wedding ceremony FUN! Here's a great way to bring out the theme of the New Year by adding shining stars into the aisle.   When the wedding guests enter the wedding ceremony they will love to see all the pretty stars in the aisle.  This will be a fun conversation piece as well for the guests, and will make ROCKIN wedding photography.
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Happy New Year!

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Written by: Clarissa The Sweetest Thing Events

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It’s Date Night! What are You Wearing?

I'm so pleased to have my first guest blogger on the BLOG! This is exciting because the  topic of date night styling and fashion goes perfect with engagement season. Love is in the air! Enjoy!

By: Lei-Loni Greenhow of Fashion blog Clothe Your Curves

I love any reason to dress up and feel girlie, so bring on Date nights! Going out with my husband tends to be on the casual side, but once in awhile I get all dolled up.  For relationships new or more seasoned, dates nights can be a great a way to spend time moreor reconnect with your partner, and it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing it! Now let me clarify, looking great does not mean dressing completely out of character. Wearing heels or a body-con dress to create this fantasy look on your first date can be nice, but if you’re not comfortable; you’ll be pulling and wobbling all night! The focus should be on having a good time and not how uncomfortable you feel.

Perfect example, when I was in college I went on a date with a guy who I met at a home improvement store. When we met, I was wearing jeans, an over-sized shirt and some sneakers. You know, comfy stuff. On the date, I listened to my friends and went all out (in our early 20’s mindset)! Fitted shirt, tight jeans, heels, make-up; I thought I was doin’ it! His reaction; surprised of course, but as the date progressed my shirt kept rolling up, my “tight” jeans were way too tight, and our long romantic stroll was cut short, because my feet hurt. He could tell I was uncomfortable, and what made it worse was him telling me that he was expecting for me to look the way I did when we met! The moral of this story is BE COMFORTABLE, and most of all BE YOURSELF!

With that in mind, checkout some of these date looks and see if one speaks to you!

Lunch Date
If you're still one of the lucky few that take more than a half hour lunch, why not try a casual lunch date? Great for first dates or a chance to reconnect!

Casual Date Wear
Date night does not always mean getting dressed up. You can feel just as amazing in a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee!

So Fancy

Planning to go somewhere special or a few notches above your normal dining routine? Get fancy in this gorgeous look!

Photo Source

What’s are some of  your favorite date night looks? Does your spouse/fiancĂ© have a favorite they love to see you in?

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Marsala - Pantone Color of 2015

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It was great to learn of the 2015 Pantone color of the year!  I heard the big annoucement and was very excited to learn what the new color was ( it's pretty). The color Marsala 18-1438 is very natural, full of richness, and is a pretty reddish-brownish color.  This is perfect for the Winter /Fall weddings due to the deep hues in this color.  I think brides would like this for Valentine's Day. I will show some different ways that Marsala can be incorporated in the wedding day.  
                                                                         Photo Credit  
When I see a color such as Marsala I think of love and romance, and these inspirations boards display how beautiful the color is. The color is sensual, and romantic!  I cannot wait for one of my brides to utilize this color in their wedding day.  This color is going to beautiful for 2015 as brides implement the color throughout their event design.  Pictured below is a beautiful cupcake ( I can only imagine how pretty the dessert bars will be with this color)!

                                                                             Photo Credit 

                                                                          Photo Credit

This bouquet is very elegant, and beautiful I love how the pretty Marsala is displayed here. Lots of pretty pink, white, and other deep fall colors, along with the  greenery throughout the floral design.

                                                                            Photo Credit

Now that I have given my thoughts on Marsala, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Please, don't forget to subscribe to my BLOG!

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Written by: Clarissa The Sweetest Thing Events

Monday, December 1, 2014

Romantic Trips & Cyber Monday

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We all love the latest gadget, iPad, tablet, electronics, flat screen, or game system during Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Not only can you catch deals on those items; but also on ..... (Drum roll).... Romantic getaways!

We are in engagement season, and this is the time for love, and romance! Also, Cyber Monday is a perfect opportunity to grab lots of deals on trips! Perhaps, it's a place you and your significant other love to go. Also, it could be a place that you two have always "wanted" to go. Maybe, you could book a trip and make it a surprise getaway for later next year. 

Don't miss out! Start searching and find some awesome deals! 

Tip:  To find the Cyber Monday travel deals, search your favorite travel sites! 

Happy Planning!

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