Sunday, August 9, 2015

Amazing Tips for your Bridal Suite

It's the wedding day, and all the planning is complete. You arrive to your Bridal Suite and await for the day to unfold. The make-up artist, hair stylist, bridal party have all arrived. The room is Busy, mimosas, girl chit chat, hair spray, make-up brushes, garment bags filled with beautiful gowns, ect.... your dress is hanging up and all your beautiful accesories, veil, hair embellishment, ect are throughout the room. It's a lot happening all at once! In this post I will provide you with three quick tips! 

TIP #1 The list - make a list "pre-wedding" a few weeks in advance of the important items you will need for the ceremony, reception, and when you make your grand exit. 
Think about if you will change your dress, shoes (stilettos, ballerina flats, maybe flip flops -beach weddings). Don't forget about your accessories, hair embellishments, veils/blushers, ect.. All these items should be arranged in a organized fashion, and labeled. Think about what order you will change gowns, and shoes, and designate someone to keep the master list. Some brides have several dress changes throughout the wedding; traditions they implement into the ceremony. If you have additional special items that are needed for the ceremony; label them accordingly as well. 

TIP #2 Special Shots - there are items that you have purchased while engaged that you want shot on the day of. The photographer and videographer will arrive ready to capture your day. Also, shoot the wedding gown, and all the pretty elements (shoes, bracelet, garter, rings, ect...) have those items ready and available, and designate a person to handle them (especially family heirloom pieces, rings ect ...) you may want to also discuss this with your Matron of Honor and Wedding Planner so everyone is on the same page. 

Tip#3 Time - allow enough time for your bridal day make-up. At your make-up consultation your make-up artist can give you a estimated time of how long it takes. Also, factor in the bridal party's make-up application. You don't want to feel rushed, or run out of time. Same for your hair/bridal day hair stylist, ask all those key questions. If you have any last minute changes (adding on additional services) please inform your wedding planner. Being ready on time is very important for the flow of the ceremony and reception. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Written By: Clarissa 

Have a sweet day!.