Friday, November 29, 2013

Plan a Romantic Getaway to the Mountains


Keep the SPARK in your relationship!
Couple's should always plan special getaways together, this provides a incredible time for the both of you. Quality time, fun, and romance!

Check out a 5 tips on booking a romantic trip to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. 

Location: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee & Gatlingburg, Tennessee 


1) ANYTIME- you may book a trip to the mountains year-round.  However, the Fall/Autumn indeed is the best time of year.  The trees have turned (beautiful reds, orange, yellow, ect). The mountain air is so chilled, fresh and crisp. Also, you can snuggle up with your mate in front of the fireplace!

2) WHERE - Pigeon Forge, TN & Gatlinburg,TN.  The beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennesee is located 3-4 hours away from Atlanta, Georgia. The mountains are filled with attractions, restaurants, historic trails, hiking, resorts, and the main attraction the amazingly beautiful luxury cabins. 

3) STAY - there are resorts, hotels, motels, private cottages, cabins, and more offered to accommodate your stay while in the breathtaking mountains.  

4) ROMANCE - the romantic options in the mountains are endless.  Enjoy a couple's massage, order a candlelight steak dinner to be set-up in your cabin. Perhaps, have a special wine and cheese basket to be delivered . How about turn-down service with tons of rose petals all over your bedroom suite! Most cabins include a indoor swimming pool, hot tub, and jacuzzi (home theatre rooms, and more!). 

5) COUPLE ACTIVITIES - Enjoy the Wineries, complimentary "Wine Tastings", and also the wine is available for purchase ( the Wine Tour is free, and comes with perks; inquire within). Great restaurants with private nooks to dine in (perfect for couples). Maybe your in the mood for fun and want to take some "old fashion" photos ( Costumes included)! 
There are many, many couple activities in the Mountains!

If you are interested in learning more info on romantic getaway to the Smoky Mountains contact me! 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Create a Romantic Breakfast

Never stop dating your mate, always continue to plan special dates; even something as simple as breakfast in bed!

3 Tips on creating a romantic breakfast for the special person in your life.

1) Choose their favorites  - rise and shine early and go prepare your mate's breakfast. Make sure to prepare items that our his/her favorites! Even, throw in something a little extra ( like carving the pancakes into heart shapes). 

2) The Set-up - Choose some nice china, glasses/cups, napkins,  and flatware to serve the breakfast on. Don't forget to pour up their favorite morning beverage ( Coffee, Juice, Tea, ect). Lastly, when setting up the breakfast; serve it on a nice tray. 

3) The delivery - wake your mate up, and sat their breakfast tray in front of them.  Hand them a pre-written note ( the note should tell them how much they mean to you).  Check on them half way through the meal; make sure you keep their beverage replenished. Spark up a sweet conversation, and enjoy! 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quick Thanksgiving Holiday Tips!


Here are 3 Tips for hosting a Thanksgiving gathering! Enjoy!

1) Plan with love - as you make your guest list, keep your special loved ones in mind. Have a hot cocoa bar set-up with marshmallows, and mugs.  Also, have holiday music playing, candles burning (winter scents), and show a holiday movie. Lastly, set out small guest favors  your guests will appreciate you).

2) Create a beautiful table setting - choose plates that follow theme of the holiday season. I prefer China, however, if you go with paper plates, choose plates in warm rich colors. Have pretty napkins pre-folded,and carefully select beautiful stemware, flatware, chargers, and a stunning centerpiece. Lastly, for a special touch, place little thank you cards at each place setting . This let's your guest know how thankful you are for them. 

3) Cook from the soul - as you prepare your menu think about your guest that have special diets ( Raw, Vegan, Diabetes, ect) always make a few extra dishes for them ( don't leave them out). Don't be afraid to think out-of-the-box and prepare "non-traditional" thanksgiving foods! However, you plan your holiday celebration, just plan from the heart!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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