Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July Giveaway 2014

I'm very excited about this month's July giveaway for my "Sweetest Box" for Brides! The sponsor is "Crave Me" and they have included some awesome tips, to spice up your relationship.  Here's a opportunity for engaged couple's to win a box filled with awesome products by "Crave Me"

Tips for using "Crave Me"
-Create a relaxing environment, our products are designed for lovers who want to enjoy their partners.

-Food play is a great way to create intimacy.

One of the benefits to committed relationships is the ability to explore each other. Partners in relationships already know each other's preferences and can communicate with each other so adding something new helps to keeps the bond strong. 

Edible body candy adds an element of sexiness with licking and tasting.

- Engage all of your senses
- Get creative with your mouth
- Have fun

Try a "Guess the Flavor" game, try a new flavor and see if your partner can guess the flavor!

Contest Rules 

The Sweetest Thing Events - presents "The Sweetest Box" GIVEAWAY! Sponsored by "Crave Me" Follow via instagram: @__craveme___ and Follow us via instagram @sweetestthingevents
 Rules below 
1) Post your BEST kissing photo via instagram with you and your fiancĂ©e exchanging a kiss! 
2) Use the following HashTags, #sweetestthingevents #craveme 
3) The winner will be chosen at RANDOM. 
4) The DEADLINE is July 25, 2014 at 10:00pm EST, I will announce  the winner via INSTAGRAM that night.  You must be "Engaged" to enter, and reside in the United States.
The winner will get my exclusive sweetest box filled with awesome products from "Crave Me" perfect for your upcoming honeymoon! 
Have a Sweet Day,