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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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Bridesmaids play a very important in your overall wedding experience. From the moment you choose them, to the dress shopping, and discussing wedding details. Countless hours spent on discussing nail color, hair, shoes, and more. Your girls are by your side through all the pre-wedding celebrations, and leading up to the wedding date ( Bridal Showers, Luncheons, and Rehearsal Dinners).  Don't forget to choose them a very special gift, and something from the heart is always best!

Here a few items that you can give members of the bridal party on your special day!
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This necklace which includes a adorable little locket is so sweet! You write a message, or favorite quote on the paper. You fold it up completely and place it in the locket. The paper will pop out upon opening. Very heart warming gift for a member of your Bridal Party. 

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Beautiful packaging always makes receiving a gift extra special. Be creative, add bright colors that pop, and custom design each decoration especially for each member of your bridal party.

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Personalized wedding hangers for your bridal party dresses are a nice touch. Taking the time to have each of their names embellished on the hanger; really is a wonderful idea!  Makes for a great photo as well, to perhaps hang all the dresses up together! 

The inspiration of the post came from a Bride.to.Be getting  married this Summer. 2014! 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Engagement Feature: Love Story of "Louis & Ayanna"

"Meant to Be"

This Atlanta, Georgia based couple Bride.to.Be Ayanna is from Stafford, Virginia. The Groom, Louis was born in Haiti but has lived in Boston, Massachusetts  since he was 8 or 9 years old. Their favorite hobbies include traveling, good food, and movies. They, also go to gym to exercise together.

The couple were brought together by attending the same party.Consequently, they both had mutual friends at this function; however later that night he displayed his generosity.  That indeed won over the lovely bride.to.be over ! You will enjoy reading how these two went from "dating" to a romantic proposal in Cozumel, Mexico!

"Best proposal ever!!!" -Ayanna



Ayanna Khalsa & Louis Joseph


These "two"  met at a Red light/Green light Party just  two days shy of  Valentine’s Day (and Louis’s birthday) back in 2010.  Ayanna  was there with a friend who had forgot her contacts and glasses and somehow got separated.


 While searching for her friend in the crowd, she wandered upon Louis who was standing by the bar.  He offered to buy her a drink however she declined, informing him that she was looking for her “blind friend”! Perhaps, he thought Ayanna was simply giving him a weird excuse for dismissal, they both went on with their night. 

"She stole my heart the very first time I laid eyes on her." - Louis


However, at the end of the night it turns out they had mutual friends.  The couple were formally introduced to each other and danced to a few songs. Lastly, later that night Louis offered to walk Ayanna and her friend to the car.


Later that evening... Unfortunately when they got to the car it would not start. Being the gentleman he is Louis went to fetch his car, and attempted to jump start  Ayanna's car; but without success. Therefore, Louis  took Ayanna's friend back to her apartment complex to retreive the vehicle.  

 Louis came back with Ayanna to wait until the tow truck arrived to drag the car away to the dealership.  Together, they  waited until 3:00am for the tow truck to arrive and he even taxied Ayanna  3-4 towns over to the dealership. After getting Ayanna's  car tucked away they decided to go to IHOP. They talked and laughed over pancakes until the sun came up. 


Their relationship started during a time Ayanna was studying for a major exam for medical school.  She sometimes would  spend up to 18 hours a day studying. Louis was so thoughtful in that he would bring  meals and flowers to keep her energy and spirits up. Given that Ayanna was so busy with studying and not able to go out; instead of traditional dates they had “work” dates. This showed her early on that he was a keeper!

"We talked and laughed over pancakes until the sun came up. " - Ayanna

" Given that I was so busy with studying and not able to go out instead of traditional dates we had “work” dates. This showed me early on that he was a keeper!" - Ayanna


Ayanna & Louis took a trip together to Cozumel, Mexico. On, May 28, 2013 the day of the marriage proposal they spent time site seeing and walking around the island; and had just got back from drinking gigantic magaritas at Margaritaville.  The couple came back to the resort and were standing on the deck overlooking the ocean as the sun set and the lights across the water began to sparkle.

"She inspires me so much" - Louis

" I absolutely love and admire this man. He is the yin to my yang and my rock."

Out of nowhere Louis dropped to one knee and Ayanna's jaw dropped to the floor. She began giggling hysterically as he professed his love and asked for Ayanna's hand in marriage. She was in absolute shock and continued giggling; until he asked once again if she would marry him. Ayanna said yes, and began hopping up and down in absolute pure elation. Best proposal ever!!!

"She’s my partner in life, companion and best friend. I love her with all my heart and look forward to sharing and spending the rest of my life with her." - Louis

" I said yes and began hopping up and down in absolute pure elation"-Ayanna'

We both are looking forward to our families coming together and having an awesome time. Our engagement party was a blast so we know that this celebration will be an event to remember for all of our guests! - Ayanna & Louis


Love Note from Ayanna...
 "I absolutely love and admire this man. He is the yin to my yang and my rock. He is the organized one in our relationship that keeps us on track (and on budget). He works endlessly just to ensure our future is stable. I know I can depend on him through thick and thin, he knows all my flaws and despite them he still tells me he finds me beautiful and professes his love daily. "

Love Note from Louis...

"She stole my heart the very first time I laid eyes on her. She is smart, beautiful and a wonderful woman. She’s always very supportive no matter the times and endlessly expresses her love. She inspires me so much. She brings light to my day, shade when it’s too hot and warmth when it’s too cold. To say the bond we have and share to be special is an understatement. She’ s my partner in life, companion and best friend. I love her with all my heart and look forward to sharing and spending the rest of my life with her."

2015 Wedding Details....

Ayanna Khalsa
 Louis Joseph

Virginia Beach, Virgina 

 July 4, 2015

I cannot wait to hear more about the wedding details!
Well wishes to Ayanna & Louis

Writer: Clarissa Edmondson-Bridges, Wedding Planner
The Sweetest Thing Events
Photo Credits: via Ayanna & Louis



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April Giveaway 2014

  I'm so excited about this month's giveaway it's all about the Bride and her Bridesmaids. 

As a Bride plans her wedding day, she needs the support of her special girls (her bridesmaids)! Bridesmaids play a very important role in a Bride's life.  A bridesmaid can be a sister, best friend, or  close loved one!  A Bridemaid is there to provide love, assistance, and help the bride. To be there for the bride when she needs a shoulder to lean on, or just to talk. Also, beyond the wedding date, the bride can always depend on the bridesmaid to give her sound advice. 

This giveaway, it's all about celebrating the bridal party! We have a few Brides that have entered the GIVEAWAY, in a chance to win, "The Sweetest Box"!  I'm proud to announce this month's sponsor "Sweet Nature Body Scrubs." 

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After all every bride wants to be pampered on her very special day!
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