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3 Reasons to attend Wine Brunch Tour ATL

I hope you had the opportunity to read the first post about the upcoming  "Wine Brunch Tour ATL"! Sunday, November 15, 2015. If not, make sure you check it out! 

FUN & Relaxing -  everyone loves to have fun (of course) and taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle (work, school, family, kids, ect..) is very necessary. This event is perfect because you can start your week off in the beautiful wine country of Georgia. Ride comfortably on a bus (you don't have to worry about drinking and driving), kick back and enjoy the sights, and atmosphere. Don't forget there will be Swag Bags and giveaways (awesome things inside those bags) and you get to attend 3 wineries, get a souvenir glass, and lastly have a delicious brunch. Sundays are the start of a new week, and also a perfect day to eat brunch (I know I LOVE a good Sunday Brunch). Wine tasting is very relaxing and enjoyable; it's a win-win! 

Taste & Learn - not only do you have a opportunity to learn about the various wines, but you get to taste lots of wine. You get to a chance to ask questions about the wines, learn how they are made. You will learn about the reds, whites, semi-sweet, sweet, dry, ect wines. Tasting the different wine is so relaxing as well. Tasting is the best part, you get to determine what you like and dislike. Everyone's taste buds are so different, it's important to learn how to properly taste the wines. I have another blog post coming soon about that! 

You deserve it - here's a reason to get out of the house. Gather your friends, plan a girlfriends day out. Plan that special date, propose to the special someone. Grab the fellas, and head out to wine country. Why not treat yourself? We have to make time for ourselves, it's so important. You could even buy a ticket for someone else as a gift. But, know that you deserve a nice outing, take advantage of the opportunity to go before it's sold out. I hope you enjoyed these 3 reasons to attend the wine, brunch and wine tour ATL! Please, look out for future posts coming soon! 

Check out the previous post, CLICK HERE  and we look forward to seeing you at the wine tour. 

Written by: Clarissa
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Sources: Soul Wander Travel & The Sistah Chick

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Wine Brunch Tour ATL

The air is getting cooler, the leaves turning colors, and falling (I absolutely love the Autumn). Fall in the beautiful south has begun! Georgia is absolutely GORGEOUS during this time of year. It's time to pull out jackets, and and plan all your Fall activities, and trips.

There are so many things always going on in the south. You may be undecided on what to do.  I can help you narrow down your options!  I know of something really exciting happening in Georgia soon! 

You may want to plan a day out with a close friend, best friend, loved one, or significant other. Perhaps, it's been a while since you planned a day out with the guys or girls. Maybe, you just want to treat yourself to a nice activity. Furthermore, you may want to plan a special surpise, maybe "propose" to the love of your life! 

I want to tell you about an amazing event, coming this November 2015.
I have partnered with  Soul Wander Travel and The Sistah Chick to host a wonderful brunch & wine tour. There will 3 Wineries, Wine tastings, swag bags, networking, a yummy brunch, photos, meeting new people, and you even get a souvenir glass!  You will have the opportunity to see Dahlonega, Georgia, and be in lovely surroundings. Dahlonega is the heart of Georgia Wine Country. Lots of beautiful mountains, and great wineries.

What's even more amazing is that transportation is provided. There will be a bus that will take everyone to the wineries. Please Click Here to get your tickets!

I look forward to seeing everyone there! 

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Flyer Credit: Soul Wander Travel

Written By: Clarissa

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

What 3 Things Grooms should do Before the Wedding Day

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You popped the big question and she said, yes of course now you are preparing for the wedding day. She's excited, flashing her ring around, calling up all her close friends and family, and spreading the good news. However, there are a few things that you may have not thought about to prepare for the wedding. As the groom you are apart of the wedding just as much as the bride.  I know you have to pick-up the tux/suit, schedule your hair cut/grooming appointment, and gather the groomsmen, best man, ring bearer, ect...in this post I will discuss three things grooms should do before the wedding day. 
12 Groomsman Cards.  Will you be my Groomsman? Will you be my Best Man?
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Ask in Style
1. You have asked the love of your life for her hand in marriage now it's time to ask the guys. The guys you choose should be meaningful in your life, and add value to you. It's such a honor to be apart of someone's wedding day. It's one of the most important days of your life, and it means so much to you and your bride.to.be.  You want to take the time to ask and follow it with a kind gesture.  Afterall these gentlemen will be spending alot of time with you on the day of. Also, investing money to participate as well.  Make it special they will feel appreciated for it. Sending a card in the mail, or letter, perhaps present a small gift.
Surprise The Bride
2. Surprise your bride the "Day of" the wedding, with a special gift from your heart. A hand written note, jewelry, her favorite perfume, or perhaps something that you only know that she loves. This gift will be hand delivered to her while she's getting ready for the wedding ( a member of the Wedding Party or family member can hand it to her). This will catch her by surprise she will be so happy! Also, this is great for your wedding photography as well, catching these sweet little moments.
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Honeymoon Plans
3. The tradition is for the groom to prepare the honeymoon plans; however lots of couples come together and plan the honeymoon.  However, as the groom you can plan with your bride and choose the destination together. To make sure things go off without a hitch, purchase travelers insurance, and hire a professional honeymoon specialist (aka travel agent), and always confirm your travel arrangements before departure.
Written By Clarissa
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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Make-up Artist for your Wedding

I have been a bride, twice (I married my husband 8 years ago, and renewed with him last year). I can tell you as a wedding planner, and being a bride how value it is to hire a professional make-up artist. Not, only a professional make-up artist, but hiring someone that has experience doing make-up for a wedding. Before, we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, let's talk about how your professional wedding pictures will outlast your life time! I know it's something you probably heard on the Wedding Talk Show I co-host. But, it's true and your face is very important for your overall look. Let's also, touch on the make-up artist that is a great friend, or associate and he/she knows how to beat face (a term used in the make-up world - meaning the artist is excellent at applying make-up); however, bridal make-up is a entire different thing.  Yes, it's still cleansing the face, taking care of the skin, and applying make-up. However, on the day of a wedding you have to be swift, excellent, and know exactly what you are doing. I will explain further! Now, here are the five reasons to hire a professional make-up artist for your wedding day.

1. Put you Best Face Forward - Your face is a beautiful canvas, and your skin is the largest organ in the body.  You want to protect, and take great care of it. When you hire a professional make-up artist, he/she will do just that! They will take excellent care of your skin. On the day-of the wedding you want the artist to have a wonderful healthy face to work their magic on! This begins with skincare, prepping the skin, and also diet, and exercise. The make-up artist will educate you during the bridal make-up consultation on what is recommended for you. No two brides are alike and your needs are all different, also age, skin tone/complexion, and many other factors are taken into consideration.
2. The make-up trial -  The consultation and make-up trial will not only help you understand your skincare needs but also what you will look like on the "day of" your wedding.  The professional artist will cleanse, and moisturize your face, also lastly apply the make-up. You will discuss your overall look, and type of bridal style you have. Discuss colors, and if you are having a indoor/outdoor wedding, time of day or evening, ect Your make-up artist will learn alot about you and your wedding look.

Darling You Are Worth It
3. Invest in yourself -  After all you are the Bride and you want to look stunning and amazing!  Think about how much you have invested in your photography, and your beautiful wedding gown, and all the other elements involved in your day.  Don't forget about yourself, because you are worth it, and you don't want any regrets after the wedding.  You hired professioals to handle everything else, but you did not take the time to hire a professional for your make-up? Absolutely NOT! Trust, me as a wedding planner, hire a professional.
Dont Hire a Friend or DIY
4. Don't do-it-yourself or Hire a friend -  Don't I repeat! Don't (LOL)! Don't do your own make-up for your wedding.  Even if you are a DIY Bride and you know how to do your own make-up.  This is the time to skip the DIY and leave it to a professional. Not a friend, or family member; a friend is not going to know the proper and proffesional steps it takes to execute bridal make-up. Especially when it comes down to logistics (the timing of the wedding day). On the "day of" a wedding every second, down to the minute counts. A professional make-up artist is familar with the timing of a wedding, and will apply their make-up in a timely fashion and execute swiftly.
5. You can de-stress - When you are working with a professional make-up artist you can close your eyes and relax, enjoy your time of being pampered. You don't have to worry about your make-up, because it will be flawless. You will know that you have invested not only for beautiful make-up,and healthy skin; but for a overall experience.  Remember this the most important event you will ever plan, you want a amazing experience!
I hope you enjoyed those tips, and reasons to hire a professional make-up artist, I will blog more in the near future about bridal make-up! Stay tuned!
Written by Clarissa
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