Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Fab ideas of how to host a Engagement Party

Love is in the air!  Engagement season is here, it starts the month of November and runs through February! This is the time when guys drop down on one knee to ask the BIG QUESTION; "Marry me"! 
Such, a exciting time in Bride.2.Be's life (The moment she has dreamed of, all her
Life). So, now that it's here, she's got to make it special!

Immediately following the engagement, you want to start planning a ......."Engagement" Party!  I know you need some FAB tips to get all the elements planned! 

#1) Establishing a date for the event- if you don't have a "Location" the rule is..... you don't officially have a "date" secured for your event! Don't announce to your guests the when, where, what... until you have officially "locked" in your venue!  

Think of a date ( be flexible on your dates)! You don't want to have your heart set on a particular date.  Later, only to find out that "date" is unavailable!  Start early a lot of places "book" 6-12 months in advance. 

#2 Location! Location! Location! - you have so many choices. Be creative, and unique. You don't have to be traditional! The options are endless, don't limit yourself to where you host your engagement party!  

Here's a few ideas:
 Rooftop of a Hotel, here in Atlanta, Georgia there is a boutique hotel called The "The Glenn Hotel" that has a venue called "Sky lounge" located on the roof of the hotel. Heated & A/C available, full bar, cute contemporary seating/couches, and more ( The view of the city "Breathtaking)! 

Museums, Aquarium, Movie Theater (yes, I said "movie theater") I know of movie theater that offer private rooms to host parties!  Private room at a restaurant my favorite is "Two Urban Licks" the room
is amazing ( the room sun roof that opens up into the sky, Awesome)! 

#3) Guests - plan your guests list with "love" and invite close family, and loved ones. You want to think about the most important people (Parents, Godparents, Grandparents). Focus on the most important first when making out your guest list. Remember this is the "engagement party" NOT THE WEDDING! You don't have to invite a HUGE crowd of guests. It's ok to have a small intimate group of people for the event. 

Bonus Tip: Relax, have fun and make your engagement party your own. This is a special time for you and your fiancĂ©e. Furthermore, this event is a opportunity to formally announce the engagement; among your close family and loved ones. 

If you can think of more tips on planning a Engagement Party, please leave a comment below. 

Click here and contact me if you need a planner to pull this FAB event together! 

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Clarissa ❤

Sunday, December 8, 2013

3 Fun activities Before "I Do"

 You have been busy thinking, dreaming, and planning the wedding! But, now you need to take sometime to plan a few activities "Before" the BIG Day! These are special little outings that will make being engaged a "joy"!  

1) Plan a "Engagement Party" - this is a opportunity to gather your close friends and family to celebrate your engagement! Perhaps, opt for a "Cocktail Party", or "Dinner Party".  Don't forget to Hire a planner so all the fine details come together smoothly. 

2) Plan a "Date Night" at least twice a month - Plan two dates a month ( not to discuss the wedding) and just enjoy that "two" of you. Here's a few ideas: dinner & dancing, dinner and a movie, or a private candle light dinner at home ( You will need a break away from the wedding planning)!

3) Plan a Photo "Engagement" Session together - Hire a Professional Photographer to shoot your session. Maybe a outdoor/indoor photoshoot; consider 1-2 dress changes, and for added fun include some props! 

Bonus TIPHire a Wedding Planner if you have not already to plan and coordinate your wedding the "Day of"!

Please leave a COMMENT below if you have more sweet ideas of activities you can think of. 

Thank you, 
Clarissa ❤

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Brides: You can benefit from hiring a wedding planner!

            ( Do-it-Yourself- Bride)

DIY Bride can mean many things in the wedding world. It's such a broad term, I don't want to put all DIY brides or DIY weddings in one "box".  Some DIY Weddings have professional wedding planners evolved, some don't. Every -DIY Wedding and or Bride is different. 

DIY bride may opt to only hand make her hair Embellishments. Should weddings be 100% DIY? In my opinion I say NO, a professional wedding planner should always be hired. 
     (Source: www.borrowedandbleu.com) 

However, this post is focussing on the DIY Bride that is planning her entire wedding, and making a lot of her decor by hand, and is relying on friends and family to assist her in executing the wedding. This DIY Bride is not hiring Professional vendors, and will take on this HUGE task of planning the entire wedding. 

How can a Bride enjoy the actual wedding day when she has to worry about the set-up and break down, last minute mis-haps, and a wedding day is 12-15 hours long on average ( very long detailed day!).

Some brides opt to be a DIY Bride and create, hand make all the elements needed for their wedding (That is totally fine).  These Brides are crafty, and can master tutorials, and create their own inspiration boards. 

       (Source: www.bridalmusings.com) 

Weddings involve so many fine details, that a DIY Bride will still need to HIGHLY consider hiring a wedding planner. 

Below are few reasons why you NEED a wedding planner:

*Day of " Services 

You plan your wedding from the moment you are engaged, leading up to the wedding day. However, who will professionally execute on the "Day of"? A Professional Wedding Planner!  The planner along with her staff will pull all the elements together, confirm with all your vendors, and apply his/her expertise, skills, training, experience, so you can focus on being a beautiful blushing bride! 

"Pre-Wedding Activities"

A wedding planner can plan your "Engagement" Celebration. Relax, and allow a professional planner to pull all the details together, and hire professional vendors so your celebration can go off without a hitch!  What about your planner putting together a swanky Bridal Shower! Perhaps, planning a beautiful Bridal Luncheon, or a amazing Rehearsal dinner? 

"Wedding Insurance"

You may not think about wedding insurance. However, as a Bride you want to protect yourself, and have coverage. Also, some venues may even require you to have wedding insurance. A professional wedding planner can educate you on insurance, and recommend what policies work best for you. 

"Current Trends & Ideas"

I know you can use the internet to check out the new trends, and what's popular.  However,  Professional wedding planners are learning about new trends on a daily basis, attending conferences, workshops, webinars, seminars, social media organizations, joining professional organizations, and some planners are developing and creating their own new trends! 

"DIY Workshops"

I know what you are thinking! Why would I need a wedding planner to teach me DIY projects? Yes, you NEED professional guidance!  Some planners offer a DIY Workshop. It's a day of DIY Brides and Professional vendors. These workshops will teach brides hands-on skills of how to properly make anything from bridal bouquets, to fancy centerpieces, and more! Vendors will provide professional advice, and tips on wedding planning. Plus DIY workshops are a lot of fun! Tastings, swag bags, networking, and most important professional guidance! 

"Preferred Vendors List"

Don't cut corners, and hire your uncle that's good with a camera to shoot your wedding photography!.... Or hire your girlfriend that is good at cooking to cater or the next door neighbor that is learning to design invitations (PLEASE DO NOT) ...Please, hire professional vendors, that are educated, experienced, and trained (Do not just Goggle someone and pick them)! Hire a professional vendor and inquire about his/her Preferred Vendor's List. A planner has developed professional relationships, and this list has the best the industry has to offer, and experience, education, and skills. 

I can name more reasons that a DIY bride can truly benefit from hiring a wedding planner ( Honeymoon planning, Out-of-Town guest services, Wedding/Honeymoon Registry, Budget Planning, .... Production Day Schedule, and more).

Please leave in the comment section below how you feel about DIY weddings and or DIY Brides? I would LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you,
Have a Sweet Day ❤