Friday, October 9, 2015

Why Wine makes a great Conversation Piece

When I invite guests over for dinner We love to offer a glass of wine. Not only that, I like to have our wines displayed beautifully on our nice wine racks. We spark up conversations about the many wine tours we have attended.  There are so many awesome memories and experiences you have when you go to a winery. In today's post I want to talk about how wine is a great conversation piece. If you have not got a chance to check out previous post about the Wine, Brunch Tour ATL CLICK HERE. I have partnered with Soul Wander Travel and The Sistah Chick.

Conversation Starter- sometimes you may have friends, family, or associates that come by your home. Maybe for a dinner, special occasion, or just because. As everyone is gathered around talking, mingling, laughing, ect ... you may offer them something to drink. That's what sparks up conversation (pulling out a bottle of wine)!  You ask them what type of wine do they like reds, or white, ect... You pour their wine, and wait for their reaction to see if they like it or not. This sparks up even more conversation! I think of wine as a excellent icebreaker! We like to talk to our guests about where we get our wine from, and what ingredients it contains. We very rarely purchase wine from a store; majority of the time it's directly from a winery. 

Teasing your Palette - when wine hits your tongue you will taste the flavors, and  when you inhale, exhale all the aromas (it's a wonderful experience).  Futhermore, when going to a winery you will learn about this (ask lots of questions)! Everyone of course has different taste buds. Some prefer semi-sweet, sweet, or even dry wines. There are even some wines you can drink frozen, and even warm! Make sure you hold you wine glass properly (By the Stem ONLY, not by the bowl, your body temp will warm up the wine, you don't want that)! I will blog later on "Wine 101" so you will be ready when you attend the Wine Tour! 

Cheers & Salute - have fun when tasting wine, especially when enjoying it with others. My husband and I always find that people are really interested in our many wines. Because, the wines come from a winery there's a story to tell behind each bottle (an they taste really good). The holidays are among us, I'm sure you will be attending functions, parties, or hosting one yourself perhaps. I hope you check out my last post, about the Wine Brunch Tour ATL coming 11.15.2015! 

Written By: Clarissa

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